RIP-IT 2014 BBCOR Air Baseball Bat Review

best BBCOR batsThe power of the RIP-IT BBCOR Air can not be unnoticed. This best BBCOR bat could be a powerful beast. It’s the weapon you may possibly succeed with at the plate. The pop could be a fierce force to be reckoned with. The ball jumps right off the barrel and fires into the sphere. The endless sweet spot will all baseball players a favor by giving them associate degree unbeatable quantity of performance across the complete barrel. Even on the outer ends of the large sweet spot, the pop on this BBCOR bat continues to be astounding. Out of ten, click here for top ten, the ability associate degreed pop on the RIP-IT BBCOR Air is an unrivaled eleven.

The swing is universally awful. despite what size or strength you’ve got, the swing feels light-weight and can provide you with the speed you would like to tear pitches once it’s your flip at the plate. This balanced BBCOR doesn’t take long to urge wont to and is very light-weight.  Comfort is additionally a significant issue on why the swing is thus spectacular. The grip is super soft and cozy. RIP-IT conjointly offers a bat referred to as “BBCOR” that is additional end-loaded for all the ability hitters out there. albeit RIP-IT’s “BBCOR” bat is end-loaded it’s still amazingly light-weight despite further|the additional} weight at the top to deliver that extra power you would like. except for those balanced bat lovers, keep on with the RIP-IT BBCOR Air.

The overall style of the bat is straightforward however sweet. As we tend to all understand, BBCOR loony ar meant for additional advanced players that ar in highschool or college-level play. This isn’t baseball league any longer and your bat shouldn’t appear as if a crazy art project. Competitors are going to be able to take you seriously after you bring the RIP-IT BBCOR Air to the plate with a extremist sleek and oversimplified black and red style with a white different grip. This polished BBCOR style speaks for itself: after you ar at bat–you mean business.

The value of the RIP-IT BBCOR Air bat is actually what makes it our darling selection. it’s simple to examine that this BBCOR bat has the simplest worth on the market.

Details: Power: five out of five – Swing: five out of 5 – Overall Design: five out of five – Value: five out of five

Features Acoustic Barrel

Made of R2 Alloy

Features Contact Grip

Balanced weight

30-day money-back Manufacturer come back Policy, free shipping if you reside within the U.S.

Comes with a 400-day Manufacturer guarantee with unlimited repairs and replacements

Available in sizes thirty one inches twenty eight ounces, thirty two inches twenty nine ounces, 32.5 inches twenty nine.5 ounces, thirty three inches thirty ounces, 33.5 inches thirty.5 ounces, thirty four inches thirty one ounces.

How to Choose the Best Slowpitch Softball Bat

Choosing a Slowpitch softball bat is completely different from the choice of 1 for Fastpitch or Baseball since your choice depends additional on your personal preferences.

There also are no size charts like within the alternative games that may act as your guideline so if you are doing not savvy to travel regarding it or what to think about you may have a troublesome time.

Whereas some players like heavier bats with associate degree end-load as they furnish them additional power, others like lighter and additional balanced ones as they need additional bat speed.

Some players might also like composite bats because of their performance, however it’s necessary to grasp that some leagues don’t permit them.

Finding one isn’t a difficulty since there area unit quite enough makers on the market however you ought to forever opt for one thing which will maximize your performance and additionally are comfy to swing.


How to select the most effective Slowpitch Softball Bat

Although your alternative can ultimately rely on your personal preferences and also the level you’re at in your taking part in career, there area unit some crucial things that you simply got to envisage to select the most effective slowpitch softball bat.

These items area unit the key options that outline a bat and knowing however each influence its performance and why it’s necessary can assist you get the most effective out of the sport. Below area unit ten of those very important things that each batter ought to have in mind once looking.

One-Piece vs Two-Piece

The biggest perplexity that almost all players face is whether or not to settle on a one-piece or two-piece. though the choice can be simple for pro’s, constant can not be aforesaid for brand new ones or armatures.

However, the largest issue is sometimes lack of information of the distinction between the 2. A one-piece bat comes as one unit, and there’s no affiliation between elements and it’s sometimes additional balanced and stiffer. However, it’s difficult to manage vibrations, so you ought to be ready to require some vibration on a miss-hit ball.

A 2 piece, on the opposite hand, consists of a barrel and handle joined mistreatment technology, and it’s less vibration and additional flex. The draw back of the two-piece is that it’s end-loaded, and hence, it’s heavier to swing than a one-piece.

Though the selection can rely on personal preferences power hitters can profit most from the two-piece whereas the one-piece works best for contact hitters.

Construction Materials

The material is one amongst the foremost necessary if not the foremost necessary factor that you simply ought to take into account before paying for any bat.

Typically, Slow Pitch bats area unit made of either composite, metallic element or wood, however there area unit still a number of others made of metallic element and wood. every material includes a completely different feel within the hand, and their swing will vary. as an example, a composite bat is created from organic compound, fibreglass and C and it’s flare. light-weight will increase power and swing speed creating it appropriate for professionals.

It additionally includes a massive sweet spot and additionally the most effective balance once you compare it to alternative bats. On the opposite hand, metallic element ones area unit ideal for non-professional players as they’re light-weight however don’t have the maximum amount power because the composite.

Approvals to Use in Leagues

It will be unhappy to pay many bucks on a bat solely to seek out out that it doesn’t have approval for play in your league. completely different leagues area unit managed by varied boards and before any bat will be supported they need to check it.

Several makers can give data on approvals for gratis, so you ought to make sure that the body accountable of your league has approved it. an honest bat ought to, at least, get associate degree endorsement from USSSA, ISA, NSA, and ASA.

Weight: Balanced Bat vs. Endload Bat

The weight of a Slowpitch softball bat ranges between twenty six and thirty ounces, however you’ll still realize many who area unit outside this vary.

However, once looking, you ought to take into account the burden distribution and for this, you’ve got to settle on between balanced and endload. Weight distribution is important because it is what determines however serious a bat feels.

The balanced ones have their weight distributed equally throughout the bat, so they’re appropriate for players United Nations agency wish the maximum amount bat speed as doable (contact hitters). Endload, on the opposite hand, tends to own most of the burden familiarized towards their barrel, so they work best for power hitters.


Although the length is additionally crucial, it mustn’t worry you abundant since most area unit thirty four inches long. it’s the most allowed in most leagues, and a majority of players won’t have any hassle swinging it.

Problems could solely arise if you’re tiny or don’t have enough power to swing the 34-inch however you’ll simply solve this drawback by impeding on your bat to cut back its length.

However, it’s still doable to seek out shorter ones if you would like however certify that its length and your height area unit proportional.

Barrel Size

The barrel size is that the distance between the sweet spot and grip. Like most alternative things the correct one can rely on the amount that you simply area unit taking part in at, your height and additionally the league.

2 and 1 / 4 inches barrel diameter is spare for many players below twelve years, however some leagues use larger sizes that area unit 2 and three-quarters inches in diameter. However, faculty and highschool players area unit restricted to a most barrel size of two 5/8 inches.


The grip is as necessary as all the opposite factors once buying a bat. you ought to opt for one thing that feels most comfy to your hands. Most are available in either artificial animal skin or animal skin, and each have deserves and demerits. Considering and examination between the execs and cons ought to assist you create a call.

Some bats additionally keep company with some artifact to soak up shock, so this provides them a stronger grip. though you’ll amendment the grip, it’ll price you an additional quantity of cash, so you ought to certify that the bat has a superb grip before shopping for it.


A taper could appear as if simply a necessary half of} the bat because it joins the barrel to the handle however it’s still as necessary as the other part. The taper is that the breadth of very cheap a part of your bat handle, and it’s one amongst the items that almost all individuals don’t realize, so it’s forever a difficulty for players to settle on the correct size.

However, you ought to opt for bats with tiny tapers since they create it feel lighter and additionally permits for quick wrist joint movement.


You cannot get what you can’t afford so before going bent purchase a bat take into account what proportion cash you’re willing to pay. though there area unit some which will price up to $500 you’ll still realize one that’s below $100.

The standard won’t be constant, however the cheaper one can still provide you with some nice power and swing if you selected a complete from a respected company. so this suggests that you simply don’t got to strain yourself financially to urge a bat as you’ll forever get one thing that’s inside your budget.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews area unit the foremost reliable supply of data once buying something, and also the Slow Pitch bats don’t seem to be associate degree exception. If you would like to urge one thing reliable whether or not you’re a professional or not, you ought to scan what others got to say regarding it.

Reading baseball or Slowpitch softball bat reviews could also be the distinction between obtaining a top quality bat and a nasty one. However, you ought to make sure that they’re real client reviews since some sites can typically pay to urge biased positive reviews.

The best slowpitch softball bats click here don’t seem to be essentially the foremost high-priced as a result of what’s right for you may principally rely on your personal preferences.

With the on top of 10 points in mind, you ought to not have any hassle selecting one which will work best for you. However, you ought to forever aim to urge one thing which will not solely perform well for you however will feel comfy on your hand.

Best Softball Gloves 2016

Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves Softball gloves are especially designed to give players the effective tool in catching softballs. These protective gloves save the hands of the athletes from getting harmed. Usually, the size is bigger than the normal sports gloves to help players catch and hold the ball properly. Conventional gloves were just like a bit of leather covering the palm with few holes to fit the fingers. Nowadays, modern softball gloves have become an advanced specialized tool to perk up the performance of the players.

Softball gloves are commercially sold in a range of brands and styles. From the leather type to the edging and webbing design, the selection becomes irresistibly tempting to the players. If you’re planning to buy, take a look at the right quality and strength. Consider also the level and position of the play these gloves will be used for. If you have an experience in looking for the finest one, you will see how the game-winning gloves work for you.

Design & Construction of Softball Gloves
It is a must for all softball players to have softball gloves that fit their hands. Gloves make the athletes perform more effectively. Learning the basics of glove construction and design is helpful in short listing your choices. Narrowing down the selection to a few perfect choices is a smart move.

Construction designed for Softball gloves

If you see a variety of gloves, you may think that they are just the same in quality and construction. But they aren’t. Each glove is made up of 3 basic design elements. They work together for a unique ability to help athletes play well. The three design factors appropriate for softball gloves are webbing, pocket and the kind of back wrist closure.

Owning the best fit

The size of the player’s hand and the field position in the game are important things to know before buying softball gloves. Correct fit is necessary in order to keep control of the ball and the glove. It must fit securely the hand with ease while opening and closing the glove around the ball. Toughness is important to impede the ball when catching it, allowing throws and retrievals due to flexibility. To get the best deal, you should test a number of good gloves then pick one that feels right, easy and comfortable.

Verify the kind of gloves you really need. Normally, a particular position is assigned to the player such as outfielder, infielder, pitcher, catcher or first base. If you play as a catcher, your softball gloves should have thick padding designed to catch the fast ball. Comfort is the basic to becoming an effective catcher. You don’t need a heavy catcher’s glove because you have to retrieve the ball then throw it as quickly as you can.

Leather quality of softball gloves
Generally, the youth players can use cheaper synthetic gloves—made of cowhide or pigskin. And for the higher play level, people choose the better quality gloves made up of steer hide or full grain leather. Characteristically, those manufactured from higher quality leathers are better in construction and style.

1. Synthetic leather softball gloves. These are suggested only for T-ball and farm use. Look for synthetic leather and compare it to those that are made of glossy, plastic look. Most synthetic designs have leather palm but with synthetic back. They are sold with much lower prices in the market.

2. Pigskin & cowhide softball gloves. Both pigskin and cowhide leathers are best for younger players. Pigskin is the cheapest and most flexible type of leather materials used in glove manufacturing. However, its durability feature is not enough. It’s good to use for more than one season only; therefore, this glove is best for a teen player who outgrows it. On the other hand, cowhide leather is much cheaper compared to other leathers. Its quality differs very much from one manufacturer to another.

3. Full grain leather softball gloves. These gloves worn by adults are usually made of full grain leather. This type of leather is heavy and tough and it needs significant period for break in. After breaking in, the gloves provide the highest level of performance and usefulness. Usually, catcher’s mitts are made of full grain leather. There are lots of pro series and finest gloves in the market which have this kind of leather.

4. Steer hide softball gloves. Steer hide leather is better known for its higher durability and heavier weight. This leather requires the same break in period. If you purchase this, take notice of the real quality because there are no standard guidelines that comprise the value of premium steer hide.

All experienced and amateur players must understand the importance of quality softball gloves that fit well their hands. They should buy one that perfects their position in the game. As stated above, always consider the field position, the degree of the play, and the size of the hand in choosing the right softball gloves. Consequently, you get gloves appropriate to your needs, budget and performance.

There’s no need to purchase very expensive gloves. However, if you’ll be playing frequently, don’t buy the cheapest gloves either. Keep this in mind before buying: always consider gloves as investment and expect them to be used for years.

UMass-Lowell concludes best slowpitch softball bats 2016

best slowpitch softball bats“The increase in home runs this season has created a renewed interest in quality of the best slowpitch softball batsclick here used in Major League softball games,” said Sandy Alderson, MLB utive vice president.

Fans – and Red Sox pitchers – who blamed juiced softballs as the reason for the explosion in home runs need to look elsewhere for an explanation, researchers at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell said yesterday.

Called on by Major League softball to investigate the softballs this spring, scientists at thesoftballResearch Center, also known as the “Bat Lab,” determined the Rawlings-made softball of 2000 is no different than the softballs of the recent past.

“There is no difference between the 1998, 1999 and 2000 softballs,” said Jim Sherwood, director of the lab and an engineer who specializes in high-speed impact. “We didn’t open up the ball and find a can of juice inside.”

Whether or not today’s softball is “juiced” has been a focus of fan gossip for the past two years, since St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire and Chicago Cub Sammy Sosa broke softball’s long-standing single-season home run record.

Between 1970 and 1995, there were a total of 50 times in the major leagues when a player hit 40 home runs in a season. In the past four full seasons, however, there were 53 times a player hit 40 home runs.

Fans and pitchers argued league expansion, a shortage of quality pitchers and smaller ball parks couldn’t explain all the higher power numbers.

Mulling over other changes to the game – such as raising the pitcher’s mound – to neutralize the power surge, MLB decided to start by asking Sherwood to study the ball.

“While there are many factors that might contribute to the increase in offense, the softball itself is a logical place to start when examining the trend.”

Sherwood and fellow researchers at the center, which is funded by a $400,000 grant from Major League softball, tested 192 softballs.

First they shot them out a small cannon and into a wall of white ash – the wood of choice for major league bats – to see how far they bounced back.

All the bounces measured within the range specified by the league, although many measured near the upper end of the spectrum, Sherwood said.

Then they fired the balls at speeds of up to 100 mph at bats swinging just as fast to determine if they traveled different distances.

They didn’t.

Finally, samples from each year had their cowhide covers peeled, their wool padding unwound and their cork center plucked free.

Again, researchers found no significant variations, Sherwood said.

“We weren’t disappointed,” said Sherwood. “We were just scientists looking at this and we wanted to see what the performance of the softball was.”

Getting the most out of your new fastpitch softball bats

Getting the most out of your new fastpitch softball batsCongratulations. You just took a big step in improving your softball game. Your decision to buy a great new fastpitch bat will definitely pay off. Here are some tips to get the most out of your new fastpitch bat for many years to come:

Ideal use is in warmer weather. Softballs become much harder when the weather is colder (under 60 degrees F). This could damage a high performance bat.

Only use regulation Softballs. Don’t use any softballs that exceed 525 pounds of compression.

Do not use your bat with Cage balls. These balls are typically harder and could damage your bat. In many cases, this could void your warranty.

Bats have a longer life when used solely for individual batting. Team use may decrease the life of the bat.

Best fastpitch softball bats may require a break-in here

Rotate the bat after each hit by ¼ turn. This will even the distribution of the hits which the bat will take. This will help to reduce flat spots that could occur.

For cleaning, use a soft cloth, warm water and any mild dish soap. Avoid using any solvents or products containing ammonia. These could damage the finish of the bat.

Store your bat in a Bat Bag or Bat Pak so that it remains protected when not in use.

Following these simple tips should help you to get many years of use out of your new bat.

Breaking-in your new fastpitch softball bat

While Aluminum bats are ready to be used immediately, composite bats (without NanoTek technology) typically require a break-in period. During the break-in period, the materials in the bat will break down. This will create a better trampoline effect for greater distance when the ball hits the bat. Because of this, composite bats are more forgiving if you don’t hit the sweet spot of the bat. While there are many different schools of thought in regards to the break-in steps, the main goal is to simulate hundreds of hits on the bat before its ready for peak performance.

Suggested steps for breaking-in your new bat:

First, verify that your bat requires a break-in period. In many instances, newer technology eliminates this need. If the manufacturer suggests that it’s not needed, you should be ready to play ball.

With a light soft mallet, lightly hit are the areas in the bat. Work your way around the entire bat. This will help to break down the material of the bat.

Hit around 25-50 softballs from a batting tee using around 25% of your power. By using a tee, you’ll have control over where the ball will hit the bat. Turn the bat after each hit to use a different area each time.

Continue with 100 more hits off the tee, increasing your power to about 50%.
Continue hitting with additional balls either pitched from a friend or a pitching machine. Again continue to rotate the impact spot of the bat.

The number of hits required will vary depending on the bat. Sometimes it can take up to 500 hits to get the most optimal performance from your bat.

Experienced players will admit that their bat definitely performs better after a proper break-in period. They experience amazing results which are well worth the effort of the break-in.

If you can follow through with the break-in steps above, you’ll enjoy this type of peak performance as well. If you’re not willing to put the effort into breaking in your new best softball batsclick here, consider a model that does not require a break-in period.

Worth Baseball Bats – Is it worth it!

fastpitch softball batsWell, the Worth Baseball bats are the new entrants in the baseball market and they have a long way to go before they catch up with their elder brothers and get a prominent share in the world market. The Worth line of bats has a lot to offer, but it is nothing new and hence you cannot differentiate them from the other bats already available and doing good. So the Worth Baseball Bats will have to find their own special advantage before they become a rage in the youngsters mind and sell in huge numbers. This company though new and inexperienced has a lot of promise and is making changes in the positive direction, hence it can be easily said that the future holds light for the Worth Baseball Bats and is sure to be at the top at some point of time in its career.

Lets look at what is in store for us, when we talk about Worth Baseball Bats:

The 100% Composite Range:

– Mayhem Comp – This range is for the youngsters playing either in the school level or in the collegiate level. This comes as a one piece bat with both the flex handle and the stiff handle. As the name suggests, it plans to create mayhem in the opponent camp but, that is not the cause always, because the barrel is thin and this results in a reduced sweet spot. The company is looking into this flaw very seriously and plans to overcome it and make the Mayhem a number one seller.

– Titan – This range is for the adult age group playing the senior and the pro levels. This comes in the same specifications as the Mayhem, the only difference being that it allows the hitter more power and range. Thus the more powerful and worked up arms of the adults will make the ball go the distance. But again the bat does not have the fire power to prove itself and so it falls flat on its face. Hence the hitters would be tempted to buy bats that provide them with more fire power and a better score.

The 100% Alloy Range:

– Lithium Prodigy: This is for the young players who are just venturing into the field of playing baseball and this bat has been made keeping them in mind. But one very important thing is missing – the specific details about the handle. So, it cannot be recommended and hence losses out on the market share, which would have come its way.

– Edge: This is the same as Lithium Prodigy, just that the bat sell under this brand name in the senior league.

– AMP: This bat is the same as the Lithium Prodigy, just that the bat sell under this brand in the adult level.

And there are few other not so famous brands like the Mutant, Prodigy and the Copperhead, you may want to visit for more reviews on best fastpitch softball bats click here. These are the bottom priced range and have not much to say about. Hence, we can easily conclude that Worth Baseball Bats are not to be used until unless you have no other options.

Corked Vs. Maple Baseball Bats

Maple Baseball Bats

Baseball-MuppetsBaseball bats have traditionally been made out of ash wood. Ever since the first baseball bats were created by the first baseball bat makers and until recent days, little had changed, but of late, maple-built baseball bats have been gaining terrain in front of the good old ash because of increased performances some of the professional league players have achieved by using them.

As opposed to ash, maple bats have been known to be more resistant and lighter, which makes for a lengthier life span and as such, a better investment (despite the fact that the price of maple baseball bats is higher than that of ash bats). You will also have a wider variety to choose from if you are looking into buying maple bats because most of the manufacturers these days are using maple, whereas the ranks of those who manufacture ash bats are growing thinner.

The fact that maple baseball bats have seen a rise in their popularity has prompted baseball bat manufacturers to create more and more maple bats, sometimes utilizing types of inferior maple wood. If you are looking into buying a maple baseball bat and you are being offered an unbelievably good deal, you might be well served if you would ask what kind of maple the bat is made of. As such, the winning maple baseball bats are made out of sugar maple or rock maple, whereas the less competitive ones, or rather, the ones you would risk getting ripped off with are made out of red and silver maple.

Corked Baseball Bats

A corked baseball bat is a term that is often used in the world of baseball but not everyone knows exactly what it means. Corked baseball bats are bats that have had the inside drilled out and have then been refilled with cork or other light materials. This sort of practice aims to make the bat lighter overall so that the person using it can move faster, giving the swing a higher velocity. Using a corked baseball bat will also make the strength with which the ball is hit smaller, but not by a sufficient margin so as to matter very much, especially in the hands of an experienced player.

Creating corked baseball bats is relatively simple and consists of drilling the end of the bat and filling the resulted hole (about 1inch wide and 10 inches long) with cork or other light materials that would prevent the sound of the bat hitting the ball to be different from that of a regular bat.

The practice of using corked baseball bats has been outlawed in professional competitions and players who use such bats are usually penalized for it. Some of the world’s best players have been assigned penalties for using corked baseball bats, which can seem puzzling, because given their previous performances, there would be no reason for them to need to cork their bats. The argument also exists that corking a bat will not help the batting but instead will give the player a much needed psychological edge.